Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a m o ' r a

Yes it’s Amo’ra. (nop official yet)
A band consists of 5 “riot-ers”:-

• Syamin (vox)
• Alif (lead guitar)
• Majan (bass)
• Aja (drum)
• Adam(2nd guitar) seasonist

An unexpected participation in the Battle of The Band organized by SEGI College, held on 27th & 28th March 2010, gives hope thus uprising their nerve when they were announced as one of the finalist band which qualified to the final BOTB stage.

In the preliminary stage, Let the Flames Begin (popular hit by Paramore), became a ticket for Amo’ra to be qualified to the final stage. Though Amo’ra was the last band queued to perform, judges and audiences can feel the enthusiastic spirits of each member on the stage.

Still, as the last band to perform on the final stage (the next day), Amo’ra form the liveliness with their audiences by Emergency (Paramore’s).

Unpleasant weather resulting final battle delayed, though unable to weaken the courage of Amo’ra to form the PARA-mount performance.

In the end, the judges announced Projek’D as the RM3k winner and Systematically Avoid Disaster stand for 2nd place. Consolation prize, RM100 were given to the remaining 12 bands for their participation in BOTB.

For me, as the audience, all the bands participate have their own mode, way and style which will amaze your eyes forward to your heart.

"One of the best performance during Big Day Out Battle of the Bands competition" - SEGi's News

For Amo’ra,

“there are no failures - just experiences and ur reactions to them” – Tom Krause
“experience is a great teacher” – John Legend

x o x o

p/s:- Love ♥ Amo’ra’s 2nd guitarist!~ abanggg….nak sainnnn..~ >=P


Anonymous said...

this is superb..thnks Melati!
dengan gambar,Video and all that lah!
Adam seasonist ke??=D
suke suke suke!(Alif Idzar)

Melati Shaari said...

no sweat aliff~
lupe nak state~
credit to alif idzar for the pictures plus the utube video~
seasonist tu --> ask adam~